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BBC News - Home Sat, 26 Jul 2014 02:50:55 GMT - Top Stories 
  • Noted male model now a woman  As a male model, Andrej Pejic blazed trails with an androgynous look that saw him walking the runway in women's fashion shows.
  • Militants blow up Jonah's tomb If you blink during the video, you might miss the moment an explosion destroys what is said to have been the tomb of Jonah, a key figure in Christianity, Judaism and Islam.
  • Inside violent bank robbery Before she was taken hostage during a brazen bank robbery this month, Misty Holt-Singh worried about one thing, says a woman inside the bank with her.
  • Short on sleep? Beware false memories Parents believe their obese kids are healthy, sleep deprivation can make you create false memories and other things we learned this week.
  • Vandal targets poorly parked cars WCBS reports on a series of vandalized cars, seemingly targeted for their poor parking prowess.
  • 10-foot gator bites golf ball diver  A 10-foot alligator took a bite out of a golf ball diver at a course in Florida. CNN affiliate WSVN reports.
  • Why many liberals don't trust Clinton To prove she wasn't just an opportunist hoping to use a U.S. Senate seat in New York as a ticket to bigger things, then-first lady Hillary Clinton tried to show voters that she cared about their values and views -- she listened.
  • Family of 17 to share $20M lottery The Endreson family lottery pool -- a tradition born out of their mother's long-term dreams -- finally paid off when the 17 siblings won a $20 million jackpot, New Jersey lottery officials said Thursday.
  • Car dealer gives refund -- in pennies A college student in Florida is outraged after she received a refund from a car dealer ... in pennies.
  • 'Fifty Shades of Grey' trailer sees 'Red' "Fifty Shades of Grey's" infamous "Red Room" has arrived.
  • '50 Shades' of ... lame? Who's moaning in "50 Shades of Grey" trailer? CNN's Jeanne Moos checks the temperature of the steamy scenes.
  • Tennis pro talks on-court proposal On a small tennis court in the Netherlands, love took center-stage. It had all the ingredients of a romantic fairytale -- the nervous suitor down on one knee in front of a crowd of strangers, hoping that months of planning would win the heart of the girl of his dreams.
  • Band chief fired for 'sexualized' culture The Ohio State University Marching Band, known for entertaining fans at sporting events with hypnotic formations choreographed to music, was also known among university insiders for a culture that facilitated sexual harassment, according to an investigative report.
  • Morgan Freeman inhales helium on TV You know the voice of Morgan Freeman: commanding, firm, resonant. He's even played God. On Thursday's "Tonight," he inhaled helium.
  • Why neon lights are dying A few years ago, Brian Daniel was driving around Los Angeles when he spotted a neon sign for a random storage facility. The red stick figures carrying yellow boxes glowed from the mundane building. It was like it was screaming out to him.
  • 'Buffy': Where are they now? 
  • Teen invents hot car alarm device A New Mexico teen invented an alarm to alert people if they leave their children in hot cars. CNN affiliate KOAT reports.
  • Walmart shoplift vigilante goes viral Caught on cell cam: He "just stole this stuff." CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on a confrontation over a loaded cart.
  • The world's coolest bookstores  From Maastricht to Melbourne, these itineraries make bookish travelers look stylish.
  • 'Bachelor': Where are they now? 
  • Naked men rob restaurant Several men broke into a Florida restaurant and stole food while wearing nothing but their underwear. WFTX reports.
  • OSCE: Passports weren't here before With the site still not secure, nations such as Netherlands are pressing to send their own police and investigators. But the rebels are growing restless.
  • Clinton: Putin arrogant, insecure The U.S. and Europe must unite against Russia's President, Hillary Clinton tells Fareed Zakaria. Putin's partly to blame in the downing of MH17, she says.
  • Woman joins rebels, loses spleen Marina lost her spleen and has a punctured lung. She was attached to a rebel group as a combat medic, and was hurt during the fighting, she told CNN from her hospital bed.
  • Pentagon warns of bigger weapons Russia is preparing the transfer of more powerful weaponry into Ukraine, and it could happen at any time, a Pentagon spokesman said Friday, citing the latest U.S. intelligence.
  • Photos: Crash aftermath Photos: Malaysian jet crashes in Ukraine
  • 1919 treaty still affects U.S. policy Ruth Teitel says assigning a costly and humiliating "collective guilt" to Germany after WWI helped pave the way to WWII. That backfire changed how the global community lays blame for war crimes today: on individuals, not nations
  • What is the North Korean riddle? The last bit of news I heard before boarding a plane to Seoul a few days ago was that North Korea had just fired 100 artillery shells into the sea near the border with South Korea.
  • Is Vladimir Putin evil? To the question "Is Putin evil?" Alexander Motyl says he is evil enough for condemnation by people of good will. It is a moral imperative for the world to denounce him and cut ties with Russia.
  • Israel issues cease-fire warning At least four Palestinians were killed on Friday in the West Bank during protests over the deaths of civilians in Gaza, according to medical sources.
  • Has Gaza coverage been fair? Correspondents respond to criticism levied by Israeli Ambassador to the U.S. Ron Dermer about CNN's Middle East coverage.
  • Child dies in a hot car; arrest made The death of a 10-month-old girl left in a hot car in Wichita, Kanas -- the latest in a string of hot-car child deaths in the United States -- triggered the quick arrest of the girl's foster father and on Friday prompted state officials to launch home inspections of adoptive and foster families.
  • Armed cops storm commercial jet A passenger captured dramatic cell phone video of a Canadian SWAT team storming onto a Sunwing flight at Toronto's Pearson International Airport Friday. The video shows the police tactical team swarming onto the plane with their weapons drawn, yelling at passengers to get their hands up, and forcefully removing a 25-year-old man from the aircraft.
  • Details in law professor's slaying For the past week, the mystery surrounding the killing of a nationally renowned law professor has baffled family and friends from Florida to Canada.
  • Intruder: I'm pregnant. Man: I shot her Tom Greer says he fought back when he was attacked by intruders at his Southern California home. Then he got his gun and fired at them and they ran.
  • Air Algerie jet 'disintegrated' Wreckage of an Air Algerie jet was found in a "disintegrated state" in northern Mali, France said. Flight 5017 was carrying 116 people when it went down.
  • Dad: It's my fault they're gone A man in Canada blames himself for the loss of his wife and two kids on the Air Algerie crash. CBC News reports.
  • McCain: Arizona execution was 'torture' Arizona has temporarily halted executions after the prolonged death of a convicted killer during an execution described by Sen. John McCain and others as tantamount to torture.
  • Teen gets 232 'teeth' removed A teenager in India, who had more than 200 "teeth" growing in his mouth due to a benign dental tumor, has had them removed.
  • Pope to visit U.S. city next year Pope Francis accepted the invitation of Philadelphia Archbishop Charles J. Chaput to attend the World Meeting of Families in Philadelphia next year, the Catholic News Service reported Friday.
  • Massive solar storm barely missed us "Here comes the sun" indeed, and it was just barely all right.
  • 551-lb. convict: End house arrest An obese man who's under house arrest for illegally distributing prescriptions is now asking for compassionate release.
  • Ellsberg: He's a hero Daniel Ellsberg tells CNN's Don Lemon that NSA leaker Edward Snowden showed courage, has done an enormous service.
  • Adam West on Affleck as Batman You can calm down now, Internet. Ben Affleck has gotten the original TV Batman's stamp of approval.
  • 'True Blood' star's nude photo shoot Actor Stephen Moyer from HBO's "True Blood" tells Conan O'Brien how things got sexy at a Rolling Stone cover shoot.
  • Hear GM sing during public rectal exam The General Manager for a baseball team got a prostate exam in the press box while singing to the crowd before a game.
  • World's most dramatic rooftop bars  Good cocktails combine with spectacular views across rivers, cityscapes and oceans at these bird-level drinkeries.
  • See why Mary Poppins is quitting Mary Poppins says she is quitting for good. Here's why. For more go to
  • Study: Dogs get jealous, too Sure, Fido is a brown lab. But inside he may be a little green, too. A study by scholars at the University of California-San Diego found that dogs showed jealous behaviors when their owners displayed affection toward an animatronic stuffed dog which barked, whined and wagged its tail.
  • See through walls on ... your iPhone! Invasive or awesome? A new device turns your iPhone into a thermal imaging sensor.
  • The week in 30 photos 
  • Cruise ship horrors include rape, death Travelers tell of raw sewage, rape and death aboard cruise ships at a hearing for a Cruise Passenger Protection bill.
  • J.Lo at 45: Still posting bikini pics It's not her birthday suit, but Jennifer Lopez is showing that 45 is treating her pretty well.
  • Best impression of this guy EVER?? Frank Caliendo impersonates Morgan Freeman while reading LeBron James' letter about returning to Cleveland.
  • You won't believe what this cat did  Shelter cat Zeke crept into an employee's office and called 911 while she was at lunch. Max Winitz of WWSB reports.
  • Comic-Con cosplay: Who wore it best? The annual San Diego Comic-Con, mecca of all things pop culture, began on Wednesday night and runs through Sunday, July 27. The massive convention -- known for giving fans a first look at the latest "geek-friendly" TV, film and of course, comics -- is also a major gathering for cosplayers (that is, fans who wear costumes of their favorite characters).
  • America's sweetheart at 50 If there were ever a contest for "America's sweetheart," Sandra Bullock would be tough to beat.
  • Husband e-mails wife 'no sex' spreadsheet A wife took to Reddit after getting an email from her husband with a spreadsheet tracking his attempts to get intimate.
  • Burglar: I'm pregnant Victim: I shot anyway Tom Greer, 80 and beaten by burglars, said that as the suspects ran into an alley, one yelled, "'Don't shoot me, I'm pregnant!'" But, "I had to do what I had to do."
  • '60s plan: Let's go to the moon, blow it up The plan was to beat the Russians to the moon, build an Army base and, maybe, test a nuclear weapon there "to impress the world with the prowess of the United States."
  • Cheney: Impeaching Obama is a distraction Former Vice President Dick Cheney opposes Sarah Palin's call for the impeachment of Obama.
  • Obama: Sue me for doing my job? President Obama didn't hold back his feelings about immigration at an event in Texas, but Congress had words for him too.
  • Gaza-Israel crisis The exasperation could be seen the face of U.N. Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon.
  • Ukraine The Netherlands is stepping up efforts to try to ensure that the remains of all the victims of the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight 17 return home from Ukraine, the Dutch prime minister told CNN.
  • Batman You can calm down now, Internet. Ben Affleck has gotten the original TV Batman's stamp of approval.
  • Hillary Clinton Russian President Vladimir Putin bears at least some responsibility for the shooting down of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH17, former U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton said Friday.
  • Intruder shot Tom Greer, 80 and beaten by burglars, said that as the suspects ran into an alley, one yelled, "'Don't shoot me, I'm pregnant!'" But, "I had to do what I had to do."
  • Solar storm "Here comes the sun" indeed, and it was just barely all right.
  • The week in 30 photos 
  • Look at me! 18 selfies of the week 
  • What a shot! 31 sports photos 

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