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BBC News - Home Fri, 28 Nov 2014 23:46:39 GMT - Top Stories 
  • Aid pours in for vandalized store A vandalized bakery in Ferguson, Missouri gets over $250,000 in donations. CNN's Brooke Baldwin speaks to the owner.
  • U.N. panel member: Ferguson a tragedy The events in Ferguson, Missouri, are a "tragedy," but the United Nations Committee Against Torture "has to respect the decision" of the authorities not to prosecute Officer Darren Wilson for shooting Michael Brown, committee member Alessio Bruni said Friday.
  • Wilson's testimony changes little Darren Wilson's version of what happened when he confronted Michael Brown has expanded since he gave his first recorded interview to detectives, but the key parts have stayed largely the same.
  • Nancy Grace: Story doesn't add up HLN's Nancy Grace comments on Officer Darren Wilson's testimony and the way the evidence was presented on his case.
  • Ferguson terror plot foiled Federal prosecutors say two men were planning to carry out a terror plot in St. Louis and Ferguson, Missouri.
  • Opinion: Justice different for blacks? A little over two days. That's how long the grand jury deliberated before deciding not to bring an indictment against Darren Wilson, the police officer who shot and killed Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri on August 9. St. Louis County Prosecutor Robert McCulloch announced the grand jury had heard more than 70 hours of testimony from 60 witnesses before reaching its decision, which he said was supported by physical evidence.
  • Opinion: America at its worst No one paying attention to the events in Ferguson, Missouri, since August will be surprised by the grand jury decision last week to not indict Officer Darren Wilson.
  • NFLer's Ferguson essay goes viral New Orleans' Saints Benjamin Watson poured his thoughts about Ferguson on a Facebook post that went viral.
  • New threat: 'Racism without racists' In a classic study on race, psychologists staged an experiment with two photographs that produced a surprising result.
  • Jet engines get more amazing Let's hear it for the gravity-defying magic carpet we call the jet engine.
  • Homeless man finds holiday family Neal Shytles got dozens of offers after posting a Facebook ad for a family to spend Thanksgiving with.
  • Loneliness: 5 things you may not know Nearly everyone feels lonely at some point. The good news is, for many of us, it's a temporary condition, perhaps one caused by a life change: moving to a new location, for instance, or starting a new job.
  • 11 surprising climate change effects 
  • Ravens cut star after video of attack on now-wife Former Baltimore Ravens running back Ray Rice has won his appeal of his indefinite suspension by the NFL.
  • Who is Ray Rice? Here's a look at the life of suspended NFL running back Ray Rice.
  • Opinion: Don't blame his wife Shut up. Shut up. Shut. Up.
  • Biggest suspensions in sports 
  • Inside a batterer's mind  He's nothing like I imagined. His demeanor is gentle, his smile and handshake warm, his words friendly and measured. He asks permission before taking a bite of his takeout salad.
  • Opinion: Ebola threat gone? Nope Irwin Redlener says the deadly disease is raging in Sierra Leone and growing in Mali. The U.S. must not hit the snooze button on preparedness for a crisis that could rise up again
  • Pope visits largely Muslim country Pope Francis will meet with Turkey's leaders Friday on the first day of a rare papal visit to the predominantly Muslim country.
  • Power outages hit Northeast Storm-related power outages hit across the Northeast, leaving some chopping breadcrumbs by flashlight, cooking turkeys on the grill and watching Netflix on phones.
  • Officer seizes homeless boy's flute In the busy streets, shoppers and workers rush by the homeless little boy with a flute -- some dropping change but most ignoring him. But he plays on knowing that each coin or note can help his family survive another day.
  • Soccer legend admitted to hospital Concerns over Brazilian soccer legend Pele's health have been downplayed by the 74-year-old's representatives after his condition was feared to have worsened.
  • Cricket star dies after blow to head Australia cricket international Phil Hughes has died after being hit in the head by a ball on Tuesday.
  • Inmates die after binging on drugs At least 13 inmates at a Venezuela prison, all of whom were on hunger strike, have died, according to the Ministry for Public Power of Penitentiary Services.
  • Turkish President: Women not equal The Turkish President says women cannot be treated as equals to men, and has accused feminists of rejecting motherhood.
  • Breeding ground for failed WH bids? They would seem to have big advantages going into the 2016 presidential race -- prominent jobs in Washington, access to major donors and the ability to influence the major national issues of the day.
  • Obama 'puzzled' by turkey pardon President Barack Obama pardoned the national Thanksgiving turkey with a smile on Wednesday, but he admitted before saving the bird from it's likely demise that he found the decades-old tradition somewhat "puzzling."
  • Sasha, Malia roll eyes at dad The first daughters didn't appear amused by their dad's corny jokes at the annual turkey pardon.
  • Prolific singer, actress dies at 87 Lebanese singer and actress Sabah, one of the Arab world's most prolific entertainers with a career spanning more than six decades, died Wednesday in Beirut, Lebanon's state-run National News Agency reported.
  • Patients who wake up during surgery "I was awake but paralyzed," says Carol Weihrer as she recalls undergoing eye surgery in 1998.
  • Opinion: How to know you're a skunk Linda Rottenberg: In the four species of entrepreneurs -- Gazelle, Skunk, Dolphin, or Butterfly - which type are you?
  • Award-winning crime novelist dies P.D. James, the British novelist renowned for her crime novels featuring detective Adam Dalgliesh as well as such works as "The Children of Men," has died. She was 94.
  • Stray dog joins extreme race team A stray dog followed an extreme race team and made such an impact that they asked him to be a permanent team member.
  • Shooter targeted Austin police An officer who confronted a gunman in Texas' capital used one hand to fire at the suspect while using the other to hold on to horses, the Austin police chief said, adding that angry political rhetoric may have fed into the attack.
  • Force is with 'Star Wars' trailer On Friday, fans got their first look at "Star Wars: The Force Awakens."
  • 'Real World' cast member dies Ryan Knight, a cast member on MTV's "Real World: New Orleans," has died, police have confirmed.
  • Burger King worker's shocking find An assistant manager at a Burger King in San Jose, California, found an abandoned bag with around $100,000 in it.
  • Boys buried in snow for hours Two little boys, ages 7 and 9, have something to be thankful for this year following their rescue after spending hours buried under a pile of snow in New York. The boys were found after 2 a.m.
  • Poll majority is a first since 2007 For the first time since 2007, a majority of Americans think things are going well in the nation, a new CNN/ORC International poll found.
  • N. Korea defector: How Kim's aunt died The aunt of North Korean leader Kim Jong Un suffered a fatal stroke while she was on the phone with him, arguing about her husband's execution, according to a defector from the secretive nation.
  • Report: 3 die as Islamists protest At least three people were killed at or near protests by Islamist demonstrators in Cairo, Egypt's state-run media outlet Ahram Online reported.
  • Why Boko Haram attacks other Muslims The devastating attack on the Grand Mosque in Kano, Nigeria, Friday was almost certainly the work of Boko Haram, which has stepped up its bombing campaign across northern Nigeria in recent weeks.
  • Dozens die in mosque attack Three explosions rocked a mosque in the northern Nigerian city of Kano on Friday, worshipers there said.
  • Lawyers: Prosecute stripping attacks Kenya's bar association is calling for the prosecution of men who publicly strip women because of the way they dress.
  • Cosby's alma mater cuts ties with him The University of Massachusetts Amherst and its alumnus Bill Cosby have split ways amid allegations of sexual assault and rape.
  • Ohio State player goes missing An Ohio State University football player is missing, according to his family.
  • Chris Christie vetoes pig crate ban  New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie vetoed a bill Friday that would have banned crates that severely limit the mobility of pregnant pigs, a move that will win favor with Iowa farmers and spark more speculation about Christie's presidential aspirations but cause outrage among animal rights activists who pushed for the ban.
  • Boy shot just after cops came CNN's George Howell details the events that led to the fatal shooting of a 12-year-old boy by Cleveland Police
  • Jail offers wing for gay inmates A wing of the Los Angeles County Men's Central Jail embraces individuality, an inmate says. KCAL/KCBS has the story.
  • 80 amazing travel photos  Each day, CNN producers select a user-submitted photo to be our Travel Photo of the Day. Click through the gallery above to see stunning shots from around the world, and be sure to come back every day for a new image.
  • Ellsberg: He's a hero Daniel Ellsberg tells CNN's Don Lemon that NSA leaker Edward Snowden showed courage, has done an enormous service.
  • Creed frontman: I'm 'penniless' Scott Stapp, the lead singer of the band Creed, revealed he was living in a Holiday Inn and "penniless" in a nearly 16-minute Facebook video post early Wednesday morning.
  • The week in 36 photos 
  • Dangerous car stunts follow protests So-called "sideshows," which can be very dangerous, have occurred in the Bay Area following protests and celebrations.
  • She hears brother's heartbeat after death After losing their son and brother in a tragic house fire, the Heisler family got to hear his heart beat again.
  • Look at me! 21 selfies of the week 
  • 19 burglars smash store to steal ... Police say they are searching for 19 burglars who stole designer jeans from a store in Chicago.
  • Shia LaBeouf gives silent interview Leave it to Shia LaBeouf to give one of the strangest -- or most creative -- interviews of all time.
  • Jimmy Fallon, Rashida Jones' holiday remix Jimmy Fallon and Rashida Jones joined forces on "The Tonight Show" for an epic holiday remix duet.
  • Cameron raves about 'Avatar' sequels James Cameron has one word to describe the "Avatar" sequels: "Bitchin'."
  • 'Crazy' bikers swarm police, post video Bikers go wild while police give chase. CNN's Jeanne Moos reports on recklessness that will give you road rage.
  • This trick leaves man dumbfounded A fire hydrant anchors itself to the sidewalk leaving a man dumfounded. Watch the "The Carbonaro Effect" Thursdays 10/9c on truTV.
  • Can 'troll slayer' keep hateful words offline? Are you ready for the "most honest conversation you'll ever have?"
  • Photos: National Dog Show 2014 
  • The tiny town that Hollywood loves Europe's hottest destination for tourists, Berlin offers more than bargain-priced nightclubs and Cold War nostalgia.
  • Fall TV: Who stays and who goes 
  • Fitness buff builds up disabled For the past 25 years, Ned Norton has provided free and low-cost strength training for people living with disabilities. "I never worry about what they can't do," Norton said. "I worry about what they can do."
  • 13-year-old made Olympic champ cry They have barely met, lead lives a world apart and did not speak for two years. But Emma Lundell has made Mikaela Shiffrin cry, and Shiffrin has given Lundell hope.
  • Ex-NFLer: First impressions matter Advice can be a tricky thing.
  • Cosby's alma mater cuts ties with him Bill Cosby and the school where he earned masters and doctorate degrees have split ways amid allegations of sexual assault and rape. At least 15 women have spoken out to various media outlets accusing the comedian of sexual misconduct.
  • Mall overrun by protesters  Missouri protesters Friday turned their anger over the police shooting death of unarmed teen Michael Brown on the St. Louis Galleria Mall, forcing some retailers to temporarily shutter their entrances on the busiest shopping day of the year.
  • Shoppers brawl over Black Friday deals CNN's Deborah Feyerick reports on the Black Friday shopping madness sweeping across the country.
  • 24 gifts for the entertainment lover 
  • Injuries, arrests as Black Friday hits UK 
  • Ferguson Ferguson streets were deserted early Friday after a Thanksgiving Day that mixed kindness with sadness, heartbreak with hope.
  • Weather Storm-related power outages hit across the Northeast, leaving some chopping breadcrumbs by flashlight, cooking turkeys on the grill and watching Netflix on phones.
  • Pele Concerns over Brazilian soccer legend Pele's health have been downplayed by the 74-year-old's representatives after his condition was feared to have worsened.
  • Bill Cosby The University of Massachusetts Amherst and its alumnus Bill Cosby have split ways amid allegations of sexual assault and rape.
  • Phil Hughes Australia cricket international Phil Hughes has died after being hit in the head by a ball on Tuesday.
  • Scott Stapp Scott Stapp, the lead singer of the band Creed, revealed he was living in a Holiday Inn and "penniless" in a nearly 16-minute Facebook video post early Wednesday morning.
  • 'Avatar' James Cameron has one word to describe the "Avatar" sequels: "Bitchin'."
  • The week in 36 photos 
  • Look at me! 21 selfies of the week 
  • Sad reality for shelter dogs Tails wagging wildly, tongues panting heavily, ears -- soft as felt -- flapping around as if they were wings propelling them against gravity.

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